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With a storage capacity of 17.000 SQM we can deliver 95% of our entire catalog fast.

  • Our teams work with the Total Quality Management System, offering an efficient and reliable service experience.
  • Rubberselect is globaly active.
  • 95% of our productrange is stored in our newest warehouse, located in the center of Europe.
  • We offer specialised rubber solutions for a wide variety of industries.
NR / SBR rubber See more of this material
NR/SBR rubber sheets

NR / SBR rubber has excellent mechanical properties. It is often used in circumstances where heavy wear can be expected. It is commonly used in the mining industry and other…

Sponge rubber See more of this material
Sponge Rubber

EPDM Sponge Rubber is very flexible and is air and watertight because of its skin. The closed cell structure enables the material to handle high pressure sealing applications.…

PVC See more of this material

PVC has great flexibilty and good temperature resistance. It is often used as protection of machinery, partitions, doors foor cold stores and so on.

PU See more of this material

PU Rubber has great mechanical characteristics. It is often used in circumstances where great wear resistance is needed. It also has resistance to oils, certain solvents,…

Granulate See more of this material

Granulate rubber is resistant against UV, ozone and high pressure. It also has very good impact sound insulation and is therefore perfect for applications to protect roofs and…

Rubber matting See more of this material

We provide a variety of Anti-Skid Mats for multipurpose use. Our mats are excellent in shock…

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